Induction Technology

The induction principle is optimal for melting metals. The crucible is positioned in the core of the induction coil so that a steady temperature can directly be generated in the melting material. Because of the strong magnetic field the liquid metal will be mixed intensively. The so called inductive bath movement makes the production of pre-alloys unneccessary. All Indutherm induction generators are

  • our own developments
  • optimized for each machine
  • absolutely reliable for steady state
  • easy to service
Our own developed Power Generators with integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) are specially developed for high efficiency reliable induction heating and melting of various metals. The oscillation circuit is available in different designs and concepts:

Indirect induction heating
The eddy current is primary transferred into a susceptor (e.g. graphite crucible). The metal is being heated in this crucible via thermoconductivity and irradiation from the crucible wall. Due to the low/medium frequency a significant amount of the electromagnetic field is creating a strong mixing effect which ensure a homogenous alloy. This mixing effect can be increased by our special pulsing modulation (skin effect, a stirring effect of the melt is ensured). This concept is used for metals which does not have a reaction with carbon / a reaction with carbon is tolerated.

Direct induction heating
It excludes Carbon completely from the melt. The eddy currents are generated in the metal directly. This concept demands certain soundness of the workpiece to allow its electromagnetic coupling with the induction coil (material, quantity, shape, position). However, in case of more or less sound metal in the crucible, it improves thermal efficiency of the process and allows melting of materials with higher melting point or affine to Carbon in a very efficient, economic and safe way.
Both concepts guarantee for the user the maximum efficiency and also flexibility, reduces the electrical consumption, increases the maximum temperature, increases heating speed and reduces the electromagnetic emission in terms of EMC.

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