Involved in R&D from the start

Indutherm has been involved in national and international research projects together with research institutions and universities for more than 25 years.

ZIM, BMBF and IGF projects

ZIM-ZIM projects are cooperative R&D projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection especially for small and medium-sized companies. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, on the other hand, supports BMBF projects. In the IGF (industrial community research), which is also funded, companies can solve common problems through joint research activities carried out by university institutes and other research bodies.

As part of these various research initiatives, we are developing new processes, alloys and systems in cooperation with research partners such as the University of Bremen, the Bergakademie Freiberg, various other research institutes and partners from industry.

Our customers benefit from the experience and skills we gain during these projects and from the technological developments that result.

Our latest R&D projects

Atomiser StaVari (BMBF project)

This was about the development of a continuous process chain for the additive manufacturing of complex, varied and highly functional products made of innovative steel materials.

Atomizer Lhasa (ZIM project)

Development of an explosion-proof powder atomization system for aluminum alloy powder

Lightweight BW

An economic development corporation from Baden-Wuerttemberg, the largest lightweight network in the world


Powder atomization and laser additive manufacturing of magnetocaloric materials

Amorphous metal powders

Production and application of amorphous metal powder (Bulk Metallic Glass)


"Isothermal digital single-cell amplification to detect antibiotic-resistant pathogens in hospitals" (including Ag powder development for antibacterial applications


"Optimized powders for 3D printing": Powder development and production of innovative Cu base powders for laser additive manufacturing of high-strength, highly electrically conductive components

Gold Powder

"Qualification of selective laser melting of precious metals as a manufacturing process in the watch and jewelry industry"

CuBe replacement

"Alloy development and characterization of substitute materials for copper-beryllium alloys"

Cast titanium

Development of investment casting technology for titanium components (jewellery, medical technology...)

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