Casting and Melting Systems

Cost-effective through quality

The perfect result in the least time and for the least cost

Four factors are critical to cost-effective casting:

  • Speed and, ideally, no costly testing for high quality casting results
  • Casting processes that can be replicated at any time
  • The higher the casting quality, the less post-production work there is and the lower the costs are
  • Minimum material loss

This is why our motto is “Cost-effectiveness through quality” – and this is reflected in every detail in the construction of our machines.

Durable and reliable

It’s important that your production equipment runs perfectly for many years from day one. Our internal quality management ensures high standards from the first screw to the last. In the event of revisions, updates or any kind of problem, we create detailed documentation for each machine, with pictures, software backups and more.

Easy to service

Simple replacement of all major components guarantees fast and easy servicing, minimises the risk of lengthy production interruptions and ensures long term reliability. All INDUTHERM machines with an induction generator may be equipped with a GSM modem for remote service.

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