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New platinum casting seminar in April

TF 4000 tilting furnace for melting and pouring

Due to the large demand for our last seminar we hold another seminar in platinum casting from 25 to 26 April, 2016

We will convey to you the basics and the special characteristics of platinum casting, from correct creation of the model over embedding and molding up to the casting of different shapes with targeted use of vacuum or protective gas, overpressure and vibration. Our seminar is conceived for the interests of goldsmiths, designers and technicians, but also instructive for foundrymen. Previous knowledge in metal casting is not necessary. You are invited to bring your own models to the seminar.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:
Klaus Wiesner, Phone +49 7203 9218-23


​Email:   casting@indutherm.de

Thank you for visiting us at formnext 2016 in Frankfurt! 

formnext 2016
Metall, Strenges, Band, Rohr, Draht, Halbzeug

The focus of our presentation was our Atomiser the AU-series, which was developed especially for the economic production of smaller amounts of metal powder. The fair has shown that we are on our investment concept on the right track:

In particular, the compact system size and suitability for quick alloy change with minimal cross-contamination can convince.
The interested visitors had furthermore not only a lot of questions to control the atomisation process but also about upstream and downstream processes such as own alloy production, screening or air classifying, to which we can contribute answers and appropriate peripherals.

More about our atomiser

Here you can get impression of the atomization process!

​Please watch the full length video here.

High-quality semi-finished products save production costs: New casting system from Indutherm

metal, continuous casting, semi-finished material, tubes, stripes, wires
Strangguss Stranggießanlage Legierungen Profile Trauringherstellung

VCC 400 with optional Quattro Drive

The new generation of VCC Vacuum Continuous Casting systems produce strip, wire or tubes in top quality without any impurities such as oxides. 

Not only is the melting process performed under vacuum using inert gas, any undesired oxidation in the hot continuously cast material is effectively prevented when it emerges from the die. The product is flushed with protective gas in the cooling system directly at the exit from the die and the entire process is monitored by a sophisticated temperature measurement.

All other components were further developed on the three different VCC models which have crucible volumes ranging from 0.3 to 3.4 litres. Efficiency has been much improved in the new generation and operation is by means of an LC display with convenient operator guidance, program control and memory capacities to make repetitive production steps easier and to ensure constant material quality.

The further improved Quattro drive of the drawing unit is now available on the smallest VCC system. The semi-finished product is withdrawn uniformly and gently from the system. This offers constant material quality throughout, requires less effort for further processing and ultimately reduces costs in all downstream production steps.

More about CC/VCC series

Presentation of Indutherm Powder Atomisation Plant

Strangguss Stranggießanlage Legierungen Profile Trauringherstellung

At the top the metal is molten and atomised, at the bottom of the spray chamber the metal powder is collected.

The atomisation process can be observed through the viewing window in the machine.

One of the many possible applications: movable bracelet made of metal powder by laser melting process (photo: Eichenberger Futuretech, CH)

Precious metal powders for innovative production technologies

Was this a scientific conference at metal casting technology manufacturer Indutherm in Walzbachtal? This was certainly the impression gained when reading the many titles on the name tags of the guests in the conference room and the production halls at Indutherm on 14 November 2014. Actually Indutherm had invited these guests to a special product presentation. It was the first public demonstration of powder atomisation using the Indutherm atomiser (AU series). Director Peter Hofmann and Head of Development Dr Jörg Fischer-Bühner explained the functional principle and the numerous possible applications of metal powders recovered with the machine. Dr Fischer-Bühner emphasised the special challenges during development: “The precious metal industry and metallurgical research require only small quantities of metal but they must be in highest quality. Metal loss here is just as taboo as impurities caused by residue in the machine, called cross-contamination.” The Indutherm machine was developed in co-operation with the University of Bremen in a three-year subsidised research project and was conceived to meet precisely these requirements. Rapid alloy changes for test series are now just as feasible as loss-free atomisation, for example of gold alloys. The machine is quick and easy to clean free from residue. Gas flowing off is filtered several times to prevent loss. The presence of highly qualified representatives from renowned companies in the industry shows how much research institutes and precious metal processing companies are interested in this type of machine. Among the non-metallurgists, the questions and suggestions made by the visitors showed a high level of expertise; the developers, who included project manager Dr Fischer-Bühner, designer Enzo Marciano or Dr Uhlenwinkel from the University of Bremen, were eminently capable of fielding these questions. What are these fine metal powders used for? Dr Fischer-Bühner explains: “Firstly, they are used in innovative materials such as metal ceramics or metal glasses, in solder pastes and in lacquers. Or they are used as working materials for new production processes such as MIM (metal powders are injected in moulds and then hardened) or SLM (Selective Laser Melting). In the jewellery business, SLM is currently creating totally new design and production possibilities: the gem is produced with extremely high precision straight from the precious metal powder by laser beam.”

More about AU series

Our new High Speed Casting (HSC) system is our answer for the latest jewelry design trends.


In Jewellery News Asia's July issue, Company managing director Peter Hofmann explained how Indutherm’s products serve the jewellery industry, its latest innovations in metal powder systems, and the Indutherm solutions for casting filigree designs.
Find the full interview here.

high speed casting in stone

Compact and highly efficient TF series tilting furnaces

TF 4000 tilting furnace for melting and pouring

The completely new developed generation of tilting casting machines TF 1200, TF 2000 and TF 4000 substitute their correspondent predecessors, which are used in the jewellery industry and in precious metal foundries. They are equipped with new high performance induction generators that reach the melting point significantly faster and ensure thorough mixing and homogenisation of the molten metals. Depending on the model, the capacity ranges from a crucible volume of 1200 to 4000 ccm, corresponding to approx. 60 kg of 18 ct. gold.


Learn more... (PDF)


Directly to our site "Tilting Furnaces"

Do you know the Indutherm Webshop?

webshop casting consumables spare parts

We invite you to visit our new Webshop. There you can find accessories, consumables and spare parts. 

Additionally, if you are yet working with an Indutherm machine, it provides useful information about your machine. Please have your machine number available for login to make sure that you will be granted full access to the shop.

To enter the webshop, please click here.

Original Indutherm consumables: Quality pays off!

Recently we have analysed the documented results of our customer dialogues which were related to certain casting problems.

The result: Using original Indutherm consumables definitely pays off through better casting results, fewer post-production work and longer lifetime of your machine and the consumables themselves. This is the result of a study, in which we have analysed the documented results of our customer dialogues which were related to certain casting problems.
Read the complete article here...

Original Indutherm consumables
Genuine Indutherm spare parts and consumables

Our latest highlights

MC 60 table top casting machine for gold and silve
vacuum pressure casting system Indutherm VC 480 V
platinum casting machine Indutherm VTC series also for titanium casting

MC 60: Table-top casting system for gold and silver.

VC 480 V: The highly economic vacuum pressure casting machine. Vibration technology now also in the mid-size class.

VTC 100 V - VTC 800 V: The successful VTC series now in many variations.

For single models and smaller casting series in top quality. Simple and safe operation, easy to fill. Low-priced consumables.
More about MC series

Equipped with the INDUTHERM Vibration System for optimized form filling and castings with reduced porosity, finer grain and optimum post-processing properties. 8 kW induktion generator, variable vacuum in the flask chamber.
More about vibration technology

Allround-machines for casting of almost every metal, also for steel, platinum, palladium. Also available as Ti version with high-vacuum system for casting of highly reactive metals as titanium, circonium a.o. For casting into flasks, ingot moulds or shell moulds. Program control (100 programs), full text LCD display. Temp. max. 2.000° C. Sweep Mode Vibration System for maximum casting quality.
Max. capacity 450 g - 8 kg.
More about VTC series
More about vibration technology

vacuum pressure casting machine Indutherm VC 3000 with vibration system
melting machine for melting and hand pouring
tilting casting machine

VC 1000 - VC 12000 V: Now even better thanks to new induction generators and V versions using vibration technology.

MU 100 C and MU 200: The small TM melting machines grew up.

TF 6000: Tilting casting machine with motor driven tilting system and remote control by joystick.

New induction generators, program control via full text LCD display. 20 resp. 100 programs (V versions). Equipped with the INDUTHERM Vibration System for optimized form filling and porosity-free castings with finer grain and optimum post-processing properties (V versions).
More about VC series
More about vibration technology

The small TM series melting machines are from now on replaced with new MU versions. They offer same power and melting capacity as the TMs, but in the stable MU housing with large deposit area, with easier handling and optionally equipped with one or two vacuum chambers (= MUV 100 C bzw. MUV 200). The MU / MUV series now covers a crucible volume range from 50 to 1200 ccm.
The C versions MU 100 C and MU 200 C reach a maximum temperature of 2.000° C. 
More about MU series

New version basing on the large TF 12000 with low frequency induction generator (40 kW) for optimum stirring effect. 100 programs, controlling via LCD display with full text readout. Use of a joystick enables the tilting process to be controlled easily and sensitively. Crucible volume 6.000 ccm = 90 kg Au 18 ct

More about TF series

Energy efficiency that goes that bit further

In a recent tendering process for a range of precious metal smelting machines for a large metal refinery, the principal aim was to achieve defined casting volumes per hour. The providers in the final round had to demonstrate the capabilities of the machines under working conditions (requirement: smelt 100kg of silver and cast it into ingots within an hour). With its TF 12000 tilting casting machine (60kW, max. 1500 degrees C, 12,000cc crucible volume), Indutherm was up against a competitor machine with more than twice the power. Yet Indutherm was faster - and offered the additional benefit of substantially less energy consumption.

Story of Energy Efficiency in Foundry Trade Journal 10/2012

More about Energy Efficiency

The magic "V" for perfect casting

Vibration casting and a perfectly aligned Vacuum pressure system

What are the most important factors for successful and efficient casting production? A consistently high casting quality, making the costs for post-processing predictable and, above all, keeping them down. A reject rate that is as low as possible. And a high resilience of the casting component during post-processing. This is why many foundry managers attach particular value to two things, or rather two "V"s, when it comes to casting machines...  more

The fastest and most economic way to produce multicolour rings

For the production of multi-coloured rings sintering is the optimal way. Tubes in different metals or alloys, which have been produced with a continuous casting machine, are cut in sections. These sections get connected under pressure and at temperatures just below the solidification point. The fusion between the layers has the same durability as the metal itself – assuming the material for the layers is accurate and the process has been executed correctly.

multicolor rings sintering process

Your perfect team for multicolour rings.

We have developed a perfect team of machines to make the production of multicolour rings as fast, faultless and economic as never before.

Get perfect basic material for your wedding rings with the VCC Vacuum Continuous Casting Machine – the first and only one with the possibility to melt under vacuum or protective gas and so to avoid oxidation processes during melting.

And get perfect sintering results without efforts and longwinding and expensive trials using our new sensor controlled Sintering Unit SU 450!

Why these two machines form the fastest and most economic way to produce multicolour rings – the complete article...

continuous casting machine and sintering unit

Perfect basic material with our VCC Vacuum Continuous Casting Machines.  
The vacuum/inert gas function results in oxidation-free and substantially improved sheets, strips, bars, wires and tubes for your ring production.

Our new Sintering Unit SU 450 for multicolour rings in excellent quality.
The LCD program control and the innovative sensor control system make the production of multicolour rings saver, faster and easier than ever before.

Read more about the VCC Vacuum Continuous Casting Machines

Read more about our new Sintering Unit SU 450

Solar Power: photovoltaic elements on our roofs

In connection with the construction of our new annex we stocked our roof areas with all in all 336 photovoltaic elements. We will inform you about the produced number of KWh as soon as one year of feeding-in has passed.

Up to 15 flasks per hour with the VC 650 V

vacuum pressure casting machine with program control for overlapping casting

Program controlled "Overlapping Casting" makes it possible. As every experienced casting man knows, the metal in the flask should cool down under vacuum for some minutes after casting. The program control of the vacuum-pressure casting machine VC 650 V integrates this cooling down phase into the automated casting cycle. For the user this means: He gets indicated by display and in addition by an acoustic signal when the cast flask can be removed and the new flask can be inserted for the next casting. In the meantime the crucible can be filled, the melting chamber can be evacuated and the next charge can be molten. Thereby it is avoided that the flask is taken out too early and also that any time is wasted. The result: 12 - 15 flasks per hour is no problem any more!

Not only for cars...

Quattro-Drive for the continuous casting machines CC 1000 und CC 3000.

continuous casting machine with quattro drive

The optional drawing unit with four instead of two motor driven feed rolls produces very smooth tubes and sheeting without the marks of transportation, which have been unavoidable until now.

The time machine for jewellery casting

casting simulation

Lower your production costs even more: know what you’re doing before you do it!

Advanced simulation technology is now also available for the jewellery industry.

Everything you need for metal casting

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